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This deck of 30 cards has been created to help your child master early verbal reasoning skills. Verbal reasoning skills are a key academic target. They are also an important skill that helps us understand and process the world around us effectively. As a child grows older, the ability to understand facts is underpinned by her ability to reason verbally. This deck is meant to get your child started on this journey. Use this deck to help your child understand the use of objects by describing their form (for example, something round and orange) and function (for example, something you eat). This will help in later skills such as learning to explain why and how things are the same or different. 

This deck of flashcards is appropriate for use with even very young children. They have been designed by child development specialists and therefore closely follow developmental order. 


Card size: 14.5 x 10 cms. 

30 cards in a deck.


Answer 'What?' Questions

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  • We are a team of child development professionals committed to bringing you high quality resources that make language-lessons fun and easy.

    Each word has been chosen for its relevance to a young child's life and has been depicted through charming images that children can easily relate to.

    Our products have been created to closely adhere to developmental norms and are suitable to be used with children of all ages and abilities. We are always creating new resources - so keep checking our page for more!

    And while you're here, don't forget to download the Brainy English app from Google Playstore to help make these cards come alive!

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