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Verbal reasoning for advanced learners! 30 beautifully illustrated, jumbo cards to teach your child to answer ‘Why?’ questions. Learning to answer ‘why?’ questions are an important part of learning to reason. Verbal reasoning helps a child develop the skills needed for academic learning. While some children struggle with reasoning itself, other children might have difficulties in composing their reasons into logical sentences. This deck can be used to teach your child both sets of skills. We have assessed hundreds of scenarios to depict thirty of the most commonplace situations in a child’s life. The aim is for the child to be able to inherently have an understanding of what the answer might be, just from his life experiences.


Each of our resources is created to maximise language development in the formative years. We develop images to match early words and concepts, making our resource the perfect choice for parents, teachers and special educators.


Our cards are designed by child development specialists and therefore closely follow developmental order. This means that children learn language in a very specific sequence; to maximise learning, this order needs to be maintained. All our products are built around the developmental sequence.


Our cards have especially been developed for use in the Indian context. Each image has been designed to remind a child of the real world around them. Use our flashcards as a part of everyday learning. You can also build fun games around flashcards (such as in a memory game) to create additional learning opportunities.


If your child is learning English as a second language, you will find that the English word on each image helps with his learning. Each card is large, colourful and sturdy, making it perfect for use both at home and in the classroom environment. To add more fun to your child’s learning, you can also download and play the Brainy English app on Google Play Store for for hundreds of new words and sentences.


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Answer Why? questions

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  • We are a team of child development professionals committed to bringing you high quality resources that make language-lessons fun and easy. Each word has been chosen for its relevance to a young child's life and has been depicted through charming images that children can easily relate to. Our products have been created to closely adhere to developmental norms and are suitable to be used with children of all ages and abilities. We are always creating new resources - so keep checking our page for more!

    And while you're here, don't forget to download the Brainy English app from Google Playstore to help make these cards come alive!

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