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Brainy Bug educational resources

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100 % child safe app with no advertising, no pop-up ads and no external links.


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Verb prep
Action words - verbs

100 verb cards

100 exciting verbs to help your child  speak confidently.

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100 past tenses

100 verbs in the past tense Washed? Caught? Spilt?

Figure out those  grammar rules.

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100 sight words

100 sight words to make reading easy! Practice and play with the words. 

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100 prepositions

100 prepositions  so your child  can describe almost anything!

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100 early words

Your toddler's first 100 words;  help her make sense of her world.

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100 adjectives

100 adjectives;  make your child's language rich and interesting.

past and nouns
sight and adj

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Our features

In study mode, a voice-over guides your child through the content of each flash card...your child's own teacher.

Study mode

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In play mode, your child will continue learning the concepts in each card, as he plays 6 fun games.

Learn through play

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A record button gives your child speaking practice. He can record himself describe each picture and hear himself back.

Speaking practice

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Colourful, meaningful and engaging, each illustration has been carefully thought out to represent a child's life.

Unique illustrations

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A point system and frequent feedback keeps your child engaged with the task and motivated to succeed.

Point system

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Receive information about whether your child has finished study mode, best ways to use the app and other important updates.

Parents corner

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The app has been designed by speech therapists. You can be sure that this app is not just fun - it's guaranteed to help your child learn.

Designed by professionals

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Our aim is to maximise the learning potential of each child, while she is also having fun.

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